Branches/ATMs in Nadi International Airport – Fiji

Branches-ATMs in Nadi International Airport - FijiFind out all the banking facilities (branches and ATMs) at the main airport in Fiji, the Nadi International Airport.


Nadi International Airport is Fiji’s main flight centre for the country. As their website states, the airport churns through 1.2 million international passengers each year, most being on leisure holidays while a few on business trips as well.

Combined with the 450,000 domestic passengers, the airport requires a good availability of banking services in its terminals to meet the needs of its travellers

Fun fact, Nadi Airport is rated by reviewers amongst the as an extremely customer friendly place. Google currently has 101 reviews from past travellers with an average of 3.8 stars. Not bad!

On to the banks. As of 2016, there are three (3) banks which have a variety of facilities in the airport itself; Westpac Fiji, ANZ Fiji, and Bank of South Pacific (BSP) Fiji.

Westpac Fiji Branches/ATMs

Westpac currently have one (1) branch located inside the airport itself. Connected to the branch are two (2) ATMs which you can use to withdraw money in Nadi.

Westpac Branch/ATM Nadi International Airport - Fiji


Westpac Fiji Nadi Airport Branch/ATM
Bank Manager: Anjana Maharaj
Phone: +679 672 0220
Mobile: +679 999 5067
Fax: +679 672 0295
BSB: 039020
Branch/ATM Facilities
ATM accepts deposits
ATM available 24/7
Foreign exchange service
Personal banking
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 9:30am-4:00pm & as per flight schedule


ANZ Fiji Branches/ATMs

As with Westpac, ANZ Fiji also have a single (1) branch in Nadi International Airport. They are both conveniently located quite close to each other as well.

If you’re looking for an ANZ ATM, you’re also in luck as they have another single (1) ATM in the domestic lounge area or the airport.

ANZ Branch/ATM Nadi International Airport - Fiji

ANZ Fiji Nadi Airport Branch/ATM
Phone (local): 132 411
Overseas: +679 3213 000
Fax: +679 3213 756
Branch/ATM Facilities
ATM accepts all international cards
ATM available 24/7
Foreign exchange service
Personal banking
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 9:00am-4:00pm

BSP Fiji Branches/ATMs

Lastly, the Bank of South Pacific (BSP) unfortunately don’t have any (0) branches inside the airport. But they do have (1) an ATM!

There isn’t any extra information available about the ATM itself, or where exactly it’s located. Just take it as your standard ATM that you can withdraw some cash from.

BSP Branch/ATM Nadi International Airport - Fiji

And there you have it! All the information you require for your banking and financial services needs when you travel to Fiji through Nadi International Airport.

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