Bank of Baroda Fiji

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Bank of Baroda Fiji LogoBank of Baroda Fiji currently have 8 operational branches throughout the Fiji islands. And another 7 ATMs in offsite locations.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find the history of Bank of Baroda in Fiji anywhere online, so we’ll just let you know a bit about its banking group as a whole.

It’s first branch was located in a small building in Baroda, India, where it was opened in 1908. From that location they have crossed the globe, now spanning more then 26 different countries.

Their main headquarters are now located in the Baroda Corporate Centre in Mumbai.

Much effort was placed into the symbolism behind the graphic design of their logo. The two “B”s represent Bank of Baroda, with rays of sunshine emitting from the lower left. It’s known as the Baroda Sun amongst their employees.

Bank of Baroda Branch Fiji

In Fiji, the Bank of Baroda offer the following services:

  • Personal deposits, retail loans and lockers at their branch locations
  • Business deposits and credit accounts
  • Bankers cheques and remittance using SWIFT codes, and
  • Their famous service, RapidFunds2India

Head office address

Bank of Baroda Fiji Headquarters
86/88 Marks street,
GPO Box 57
Suva, Fiji Islands


Head Office

  • General: +679 3311 400 or +679 3311 402
  • Directory: +679 3308 030
  • Fax: +679 3302 510

Deposit, NRI, Remittances,  Forex

  • +679 3237 506


  • +679 3237 510


  • +679 3237 507

Information Technology

  • +679 3237 502

Risk Management

  • +679 3237 505

Inspection and Audit

  • +679 3237 504

General Administration, HRM & Training

  • +679 3237 508



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