List of Fiji Banks

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ANZ Bank Fiji

ANZ Bank Fiji LogoANZ Bank Fiji stands tall as the largest bank in Fiji with around 40% market share in 2016. The bank currently has 16 branches around the country.

Bank of Baroda Fiji

Bank of Baroda Fiji LogoBank of Baroda Fiji currently have 8 operational branches throughout the Fiji islands. And another 7 ATMs in offsite locations.

Bank of South Pacific (BSP) Fiji

Bank of South Pacific (BSP) Fiji LogoBank of South Pacific (BSP) Fiji is the currently the largest bank in Papua New Guinea (PNG). It operates in 6 other countries including Fiji.

BRED Bank Fiji

BRED Bank Fiji LogoBRED Bank Fiji are apart of the second largest bank in France, the Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne (BPCE) group.

HFC Bank Fiji

HFC Bank Fiji LogoHFC Bank Fiji is now the only bank in the country that is 100% owned by the locals. They currently have 6 branches across Fiji.

Reserve Bank of Fiji

Reserve Bank of Fiji LogoReserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) are responsible for a range of financial functions including the issue of curreny and control of money supply.