ATMs Fees in Fiji

ATM Fees in FijiTravelling to Fiji sometime in the near future? Find out how much it will cost to withdraw money from ATMs in the country.



The dreaded travellers nightmare. Walking up to an ATM, proceeding to withdraw some money, then getting hit with a 10% fee which must be paid. Don’t let that happen to you. Let’s talk about exactly how much ATMS charge you in Fiji.

Fijian Residents

If you are a local Fiji resident already with one of the six banks in Fiji, your best bet would be to head to one of your own banks’ ATMs.

Most of the time, your bank will not charge you to use their own ATM. *Note, most of the time.

As of 2016, the only bank with doesn’t have any ATMs in the country is HFC BankAll the rest, such as Westpac, Bank of Baroda, ANZ, and BSP, have a large network of operational ATMs around the islands.

If you’re in a rush, or simply can’t be buggered finding one of your banks’ ATMs, the standard ATM withdrawal fee is around $5-$10 Fijian dollars, which equates to $2.50-$5.00 US, 2.20-4.40 EUR, or $3.20-$6.40 AUD as at November 2016.

ATM Charges in Fiji

ATM Fees for Fiji Travellers

If you’re travelling into Fiji and are already with one of the banks, albeit you signed up in another country, you’ll likely be in the same boat as above. As in, your banks ATM shouldn’t charge you any withdrawal fees.

However, as the currency is different, there will most likely be a currency conversion fee. It’s best to call your bank to find out if it’s a set rate, or variable beforehand.

28 Degrees Platinum and Citibank both offer cards with no international ATM withdrawal fees. Great if you travel to Fiji and require ATM access regularly. No fees!

Alternatively, if you wish to steer clear from the ATMs, you can exchange a large amount of cash at Nadi International Airport through Western Union once you land. Thankfully, they don’t charge any fees whatsoever. Their profit comes from a slightly advantageous exchange rate.

ATM Withdrawal Limits

Please keep in mind that some ATMs have maximum withdrawal amounts per day, and per transaction.

There have been reports citing withdrawal caps of $900 Fijian dollars per transaction, with a limit of $10,000 Fijian dollars per day.

ATM Scams

Lastly, some previous travellers have also reported the possibility of counterfeit devices attached to ATMs in order gain unauthorised access to your account.

ATM Scam Fiji

Please make sure you physically check each ATM you use before swiping or putting your card in. No one wants to go through money trouble on a holiday!